So, what can I say about the little leprechaun golf instructor! Well he turned up to replace Claire who was excellent, so the parents were angry to say the least. He has been a revaluation, he has built a really strong team of kids and he can talk to the littlest, most nervous child to the 14 year old nightmare. Johnny has passed on his joy for golf and made it really enjoyable for all abilities. The kids love going to the club and that's what it's all about. 

Steve JonesParent of Junior at Hunley Hall Golf Club

 Johnny is an excellent coach, he doesn’t over complicate things or overload you with technical jargon. He observes you while making a swing and quickly identifies where your problems lie. With the use of video he makes it easy for you to see for yourself what you need to work on and his enthusiasm ensures you leave your lesson knowing exactly what you need to practice. I just wish I had started learning to play golf with Johnny. Having observed the progress our juniors have made under Johnny’s coaching and the esteem they hold him in it is obvious he has an exceptional talent for coaching across a wide spectrum of golfers. 

Eileen LockerbieLady Member at Hunley Hall Golf Club

 I booked a lesson package with Johnny after playing golf for a year and hitting a regular slice. Johnny helped me build a consistent swing through easy to understand visual aids and demonstrations. I hit the ball straight on the course now, have confidence in my swing and enjoy the game even more! I would recommend Johnny as a teaching professional to anyone looking to build a consistent swing and understand all parts of their game. 

Alex FarringtonHunley Hotel and Golf Club Member

 Got nothing but praise for Hunley Hotel Golf Club and Johnny Norton, the Junior Golf Coach. I am 13 years of age and started my golf training when I was 7. After a number of golf coaches Johnny took over and since then I have improved and achieved: Junior Captain, a handicap of 11 and playing for the Yorkshire Girls. I also compete with the Ladies and Men in various competitions. Thank you Johnny for your help and support. 

Amber WestwoodYorkshire Girls Team Player and Hunley Hotel Golf Club Junior Member

 If anyone has been thinking about getting lessons or shaking off the lock-down rust, I can't recommend Johnny enough. I started golf last year in June, started at 24 HCP and to date I've had six lessons from Johnny. We've covered every area of my game and I won my second competition, 2 day club championship (division 3) and had a couple more wins after that. I now play off 12.7 HCP and it was only today I was called a bandit off 13, when I was 1 over par on the front nine. Baring in mind there have been no qualifiers for six months, so I am playing better than that at the minute. I'd say probably single figures now! If you listen and practice what he teaches you, your guaranteed quick results, drop him a message, you won't be disappointed! 

Shaun SmithHunley Hotel and Golf Club Member
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