23 May

I thought it would be a good idea to express my views on why children should play golf, as there are a lot of misconceptions and stigma that come with playing golf i.e. it's an expensive sport, only a certain class of people play golf, it's boring! 

If your child is expressing an interest in learning to play golf, hopefully, this weeks blog will help with understanding a little bit more about the game.

1. Why should children play golf? 

  1. Exercise - With youth obesity becoming a problem in all countries, golf is a great sport for exercise. Walking a round of golf, whilst carrying a bag can burn more than 300 calories. 

  2. Spend quality time with loved ones - Golf is a game that can be enjoyed by all ages and encourages family participation. 

  3. Enjoying the outdoors - Golf gives children the opportunity to spend a few hours in the fresh air. Something we can all agree children need more of!

  4. Developing social skills and lifetime friendships - Golf gives children the opportunity to play with people of all ages. This will teach them to interact and learn valuable social and communication skills.

  5. Learning rules and etiquette - There are no referees in golf. Children learn to become responsible and honest. These skills can be used in everyday life.

  6. Taking personal responsibility - Sometimes in golf, the bounce of the ball doesn’t always go your way. As golf is a game played on your own, this will teach children how to take responsibility
  7. Have a safe place to play - The Golf Course is a very safe place for children. Once some rules are learnt and followed, the golf course is great for children.

There are preconceptions that golf is an expensive sport.
Children's golf sets can be bought brand new for £50 - £150. This will normally include a golf bag.

At Hunley, Junior Membership is £20 per month. This includes a group session 3 times a month. This also gives your child full access to the golf course and Junior Competitions.

For example; if your child plays a round of golf twice a week each month, that is approximately 8 hours per week. Meaning Golf is costing £0.63 per hour for your child to enjoy! Can you name me another activity as cheap as that? That also doesn’t include your child’s golf lessons with a Professional.

At Johnny Norton Golf Coaching and Hunley Hotel where I am based, I am proud to say we have more than 65 Junior Golfers playing and learning this great sport week in, week out. 

Currently, we have a couple of places left to join our Junior Academy. 

Once enrolled, your child will be taught everything they need to know to enjoy golf.
Please contact me if you would like more information.

Johnny Norton Golf Coaching