21 Apr

Chip and Run 

Hi Everyone, I trust you have had a great week!

With Short game being my favourite area of the golf game and probably my strongest area personally, I thought it would be a good idea to share a few ideas with you all one of my favourite shots.

Chip and Run: 

When playing golf, we can be faced with a number of different short game shots, depending on the lie, flag position and the course condition. The shot I am going to explain now is best utilized in the summer when the ground is firm. It is important to know when to use this shot. This shot can be used when we have a large amount of green to work with. We want this shot to roll out like a putt.

To play this shot correctly we need to think of a few things before we play it. 

  1. Landing Area - Where do we want the ball to actually land? 
  2. Club Selection - This will affect the trajectory of the shot and how much it rolls out
  3. Slopes on the green - Is the shot uphill/downhill? Left to right etc

So now we have established these things it is all down to the set up. 

  1. Take the club you are going to use (8,9,PW depending)  
  2. Assume your normal putting stance (hips and shoulders all parallel with landing spot) Feet will be slightly closer together than normal
  3. Ball position will be slightly back of centre, to help us keep the ball low. 
  4. Our weight will be 60/40 in favour of our target side (left side for right handed golfers)
  5. Now simply take your putting stroke and the extra loft on the club will help pop the ball up into the air. 

Your landing zone will usually be ⅓ of the distance between yourself and the hole, allowing for ⅔ of run. This is quite a simple shot to play, but can be very effective when practiced correctly.