21 Apr

You can have a perfectly functioning putting stroke and never make a putt if you are not reading the break correctly. 

Please see below steps on how to read a putt. 

  1. Find out the speed. Putts that are going downhill will have more break. This is due to the fact that you are hitting it softer and the ball is travelling with less speed. Have a look from a side on position. Your feet will also give you an indication of whether it is uphill or downhill. 
  2. Read every putt as if it is uphill. What I mean by this is if you have a downhill putt, read it from behind the hole, and not the ball. Your eyes aren't programmed to see things that are working away from you. (Insert pictures of scorecards) 
  3. Now you have a far better read on your putt. I would always recommend drawing a line on your ball. I use the line I draw on the ball to aim myself to my starting line (very rarely is this at the hole) and use the line on my putter to match this up. 
  4. I will then have a couple of practice strokes whilst looking at the hole to help determine feel. Then I will move in, be confident with my read and hit a positive putt!